Wooden chairs toys educational toys wholesale

  • 【Price】$8.20
  • 【Size Of Product】22.5*22CM
  • 【Delivery Time】15-30 Days
  • 【Material】Solid Wood

    • Practice your baby hand-eye harmonious order. Let the baby started, more brains, progressive baby finger flexibility, learn to use things, develop your baby's independent inventors to cultivate his sense of accomplishment.This wooden chair made ??of high quality wood stuff, feel lubrication, colorful; stool surface use a piece of blue wood, making the entire layout of the clarity and true stool even more appropriate way, three assembled stuff. The idea is to start from the action, cutting off contact between thought and action, thinking it can not be carried out. A baby may start losing a few times, when mothers and fathers do not abandon the baby to inspire, inspiration treasure where to start, exercises the child's endurance. After working together on the things your baby use, such as wooden hammer to chisel something screwdriver to tighten the screws, wrenches to tighten things, knowing screws, nails, wood usefulness exercises dexterity, and then learn how to use a screwdriver, wrench, hammer approach, and in the process of assembling the chair to understand the layout of things arouse baby hobby! Baby play house is a good props.
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